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“Be a Man” – Randy Macho Man Savage, RIP

Today the world lost a Randy “Macho Man” Savage to a car accident. I have many fond memories of watching him on the WWF growing up and slinging Slim Jims. What most people don’t know is Macho Man put out […]

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Christmas Cuts – Amazingly Awkward Christmas Vol. 6

Here is the 2010 Christmas Cuts Album.  It has been very interesting to go through all of my past albums and look at all of this music as a whole.  To see no matter how hard I tried a few […]

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Homely for the Holidays – Amazingly Awkward Christmas Vol. 5

Homely for the Holidays was my 2009 endeavor into the world of awkward Christmas music.  I am constantly amazed at the artists who put out Christmas music each year, but it is a money maker the most wonderful time of […]

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Festival of Randomness – Amazingly Awkward Christmas Vol. 3

Well here is Vol. 3 and I am sad to say I currently don’t have my witty interludes to share with you.  This album was done in 2007 and apparently I didn’t save the digital copy very well.  My amazing […]

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Fruitcake – Amazingly Awkward Christmas Vol. 4

Here is Vol. 4 of the series, aptly named Fruitcake (Don’t worry Vol. 3 is coming, had some archiving issues).  This is truly a hodgepodge of Christmas musical masterpieces.  I mean what other album would you find the Smurfs, Stephen […]

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