“Be a Man” – Randy Macho Man Savage, RIP

Today the world lost a Randy “Macho Man” Savage to a car accident. I have many fond memories of watching him on the WWF growing up and slinging Slim Jims. What most people don’t know is Macho Man put out a rap album in 2003 that a dear friend blessed with me with several years ago. The album is awesome and takes me back to the good old days.

In “Be a Man” he is calling out Hulk Hogan, take a listen:

You can check out the whole album on GrooveShark.
(More about GrooveShark coming soon)

Sadly this gem of an album doesn’t appear to be on Amazon MP3 or iTunes but you can buy the CD on Amazon. (Pricey but a true collectors item)

Note: It is sad that it took Macho Man’s death to bring me back to this blog. After wearing myself out getting the Christmas stuff up, a battle with kidney stones and Moustache March, I didn’t have anything left. Hopefully I will get back to keeping you entertained on a more regular basis.
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  1. Chelsea Heath says:

    Fascinating! 😉

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